Recover control of your data to reduce errors and save time and money

A surprising number of large organisations have disparate information systems that need to be brought together to create one true picture of a business unit or process.

This can be for a variety of reasons:

•    Businesses have merged and the process of integrating systems isn't complete.
•    Systems have grown organically from spreadsheets or other information sources but can no longer cope.
•    Business units cannot obtain the necessary technical resources in-house to create or enhance the systems they need.
•    Systems are propped up by manual intervention, wasting people's time and introducing errors.
•    The regulatory environment is changing and you need to provide a new layer of accountability. 
•    Introduction of new sales or supply channels.

SME Data Solutions provides you with your own in-house technical department but - crucially - one that understands and focuses on your business needs.

Getting to the crux of the matter

Our analyst first works with your existing systems, data sources and business processes, developing one true picture of the scenario. Then modules are built that keep the various information sources up-to-date and cross-checked with each other.

A system is built around this core information, allowing people to modify them in the way they need to, while preventing them from making changes they shouldn't.

Discrepancies and errors are ironed out and manual data manipulation processes eliminated. Reports are produced that give the business exactly the information it needs.

While this is happening the project owner and key stakeholders will see each stage unfold, checking that the project is on track and delivering exactly what you need.

How can we help you?

SME Data Solutions can save time and money in any situation where information comes from different systems or sources, external and in-house, and needs to be cross-checked, errors and discrepancies identified, highlighted and fixed.

Resolving and interpreting differences between different systems is a particular speciality - saving time in business units and releasing people from mundane, repetitive tasks.

In one case - implementing a commission tiering management system for a major utility provider - three members of administrative staff were released from time expensive verification of complex claims from agents.

This was a direct result of SME Data Solutions delivering an accurate, automated system for commission calculation and payment, meaning enquiries from sales staff plummeted to less than 1.4% the previous level.


If you feel confined by your current systems, or you and your department are spending too much time moving data from place to another, fixing errors, fending off customers, suppliers or people from other business units, talk to us now.

Even micro-businesses can benefit from customer-built database solutions that bring data together to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and save money. Our financial and business management skills mean we will not propose a solution if we aren't convinced it will bring you enough benefits.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often have issues collating data and integrating it into other systems but enterprise-wide systems are out of their grasp. To reduce time-sapping and frustrating workarounds, talk to us about a system that will eliminate manual work and errors.