Custom Build Database

The benefit of a bespoke solution is that it can be designed to do exactly what you want. No expensive off the shelf system with functionality you don’t require and without functionality you do require.

A bespoke solution does not need to be large, complex or expensive – it may be simply adding additional functionality to an existing system.

Financially, you own the solution, so there are no ongoing licensing costs (although there may be a maintenance cost implication).

You do not even need to provide a full version of Access to all of your users; a free runtime version is available from Microsoft – although you will need a full version if you want to be able to take over maintenance of the application itself.

Microsoft Access can work with a number of different backends (the database where the data is stored) and is an ideal environment to develop solutions quickly and in a way that can be upsized at a later date to handle more users, higher volumes of data and/or improved data security.

All our bespoke systems are designed to be user friendly and intuitive and include routines to check the integrity of the data – particularly relevant if data comes from a number of other systems which may not be synchronised.

Solutions include

•    Commission and Reward
•    Stock Control
•    ERP
•    Billing systems
•    CRM systems
•    Call management
•    Marketing project management
•    Device tracking
•    Construction (small housebuilders)
•    Recruitment management
•    Appointment/Booking management
•    Event management
•    Registration process
•    Territory management
•    Estimating/Quotations
•    Publishing
•    Reconciliation
•    Finance management
•    Property management
•    Asset management
•    Expenses control
•    Membership management
•    Fund management

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